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GREEA Instructor Workshop

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Collaboration & Digital Storytelling to Engage Your Virtual Classroom

Instructor: Kim Haimes-Korn

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas in the world. 
 -- Robert McKee, author and educator 

Stories and storytelling are deeply woven into the fabric of our lives and culture. We shape our identities through these texts and transfer them across generations and through our media. They link us together with others and connect us to our past, present and future. These cultural narratives define us, inspire us and make us uniquely human. It is no surprise, then, that storytelling has such a meaningful impact in today’s world where we experience an abundance of stories through visual and digital storytelling. Stories that were once rooted to books and “published” authors are now in the hands of the masses as participatory media gives voice to narratives that entertain us, inform us, move us and motivate us to change. 

We engage with stories through film, songs, and social media and in the regular course of our daily communication. We consume and create stories for personal, educational and commercial purposes, to enhance community engagement, and connect to others. Visual storytelling is the place where text and image meet to create meaning and interaction between authors and audiences and the personal and the public.

As educators we can leverage the robust value of digital storytelling in our classes and beyond. With a multitude of digital affordances, our students are digital storytellers before they even enter our classes through their interaction on social media platforms and other digital writing spaces. Participatory learning and virtual spaces also provide rich opportunities for dynamic, collaborative learning and interaction. 

In this workshop, we will discuss the impact and features of digital storytelling and the ways students can enter the conversation through visual content creation, multimodal composition and meaningful, collaborative participation. Participants will learn the background and contexts for digital storytelling along with specific ways to create and share stories and digital content. This hands-on workshop will also demonstrate collaborative practices that instructors can take back to their own classrooms. Come ready to join the conversation and think about the ways these valuable skills can be applied to your work as teachers and professionals. 

GREC/GREAB Annual School Meeting  

Friday, December 4, 2020

Are You Ready to Teach 

Instructor: Sgt. Debbie Kalish

Learn ways to recognize, empower, and defend yourself. It will also teach you how to be safe and respond to crisis situations. This training is intended for educating you, the instructor, when educating licensees.

I Love Everyone! Really?: An In-Depth Look at Fair Housing

Instructor: Ennis Antoine

Join Ennis Antoine to learn about housing discrimination – it exists and is illegal. During this session, you will be provided with information and tools to enable you to recognize instances of housing discrimination, and learn how to file a complaint and protect rights.